Instructors coming soon

We want your classes to be customized to
your needs! Very soon we will help you set up
your own virtual learning environment.

  • Your own practice materials
    Add your own practice materials if you think they need more skills in an area than what is provided on-line.

  • Use your name
    Put your senior center or library name on your pages with your logo and specific information about your computer lab and classes, like information about how to sign up for a class.

  • Have a chat in forum
    Take part in forums where you can share your successes and questions with other instructors.

  • Service
    Use our consultation service and let our experts help you shape your classes into exactly the kind you and your particular group of seniors need.

  • Tips include how to set up our lab, how to market your classes, how to teach seniors, and more!

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Skillful Senior is designed for individual or classroom use. If you are a leader in a senior center or library, we can help you set up a class. If you are learning by yourself, or want to help a friend learn, our guides Jeff, Mary, and Sun will help you through the tutorials.