Skillful Senior is here to help you, the instructor, make your instruction easy and fun! You can make your classes as simple and basic or as customized and in-depth as you want; and we are here to help you do just that!

Basic tutorials
These are simple to use. You need only computers with Internet access and seniors. We do the rest! Just log them on to this site and get them started. We suggest teaching in this order:

  1. Mouse tutorial. Seniors need mouse skills before they can do anything else.
  2. Arrows tutorial. This will teach seniors to navigate on a page and eliminate the frustration when they make a mistake or can't get the cursor where they want it to be.
  3. Other skills at the pace and priority set by your group of seniors!
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Skillful Senior is designed for individual or classroom use. If you are a leader in a senior center or library, we can help you set up a class. If you are learning by yourself, or want to help a friend learn, our guides Jeff, Mary, and Sun will help you through the tutorials.